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Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin is a pain reliever that was introduced in 1995. Its main component is oxycodone. This drug is specifically meant to treat moderate and severe pain. However, it can also be used to treat a number of other conditions such as anxiety, constipation and also cough symptoms. Within a few years after its introduction, many cases of Oxycontin abuse began to be reported. According to statistics, most abusers are in their teens.

Most people turn to Oxycontin abuse in search of the rush that it gives them. The drug induces a feeling of euphoria, light-headedness, lifted inhibitions, and stress and pain relief. It brings the user the same effects that heroin produces.

Initially, the drug could only be obtained with a prescription. However, these days it is possible to obtain the drug online, even without a prescription, although this is unlawful. The easy availability of the drug has had a significant influence in terms of increasing abuse. Other methods that abusers use to get the drug include faking prescriptions or bribing pharmacists to sell them drugs. In the worst instances of Oxycontin Abuse, some abusers go to the extent of stealing the drugs.

Oxycontin Abuse

The drug is also much cheaper than other hardcore drugs such as heroin. The street value of the drug is under $5 for a 400g tablet, and users with medical insurance can easily get the drugs at no extra cost. This is another factor in increasing rates of Oxycontin Abuse.

The usual method of Oxycontin ingestion is via oral administration. However, abusers use other methods to get high faster. One of the most popular methods used is snorting. In this case, the user crashes the tablets into powder form before inhaling the powder nasally. Others chew the tablets instead of swallowing them whole. There are also abusers who use the powder form of the drug to make a solution and then inject themselves with the liquid. All these methods of Oxycontin abuse are meant to hasten the effects of the drug. They also increase the intensity of the effects.

Oxycontin abuse has some very adverse effects. Many deaths have been reported due to overdose of the drug. Other effects include constipation, headache, dry mouth, memory loss and many others. In some rare cases, Oxycontin has been reported to cause impotence. Other serious effects include labored breathing, drastic drop in body temperature, hypertension and respiratory system failure.

Kicking Oxycontin abuse and addiction is not an easy task. Abusers end up experiencing withdrawal effects that can be very severe. Some of the effects experienced include chills, restlessness, anxiety, myalgia, nausea pain, irritability and multiple other effects. However, rehabilitation centers (800-303-2482) can help abusers who want to kick the addiction.

Oxycontin abuse is not always voluntary. Some patients may start abusing the drug without being aware that is what they are doing. For example, if a patient is in pain, they may decide to take more than the prescribed dosage in an effort to get rid of the pain faster. In other instances, they may continue taking the drugs even after the prescribed period. If you notice that you are developing a dependency on the drug, inform your doctor who can prescribe something else for you.

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