Oxycontin Abuse Treatment

Oxycontin Abuse Treatment

Oxycontin can have many adverse side effects. Abuse of this drug has ruined lives and resulted in deaths. However, anyone battling addiction to this medication can get help (800-303-2482). Many rehab facilities offer professional Oxycontin abuse treatment. While many people may try to kick the habit on their own and some may succeed, this can be very dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping use of the drug can be overwhelming. These symptoms normally last a couple of days, and are not only physical, but mental. It is not uncommon for people to have suicidal thoughts when they are trying to stop using an addictive substance, and many will continue taking the drug when they first experience symptoms of withdrawal.

The Oxycontin abuse treatment normally administered in rehab centers includes medication and counseling. These two are vital in helping a person become independent of the drug, both physically and mentally. The person is also closely monitored by physicians to ensure the treatment is effective.

The first stage of treatment is normally detox. This is meant to flush out the entire drug residue remaining in the addict’s body. According to most people, this is normally the most difficult part of the treatment, especially because of the withdrawal symptoms. However, this does not last long. In a week, it may be done and the symptoms may also disappear.

Oxycontin Abuse Treatment

After the detox stage, counseling sessions can begin. There are different types of sessions that the patient will undergo. There is the individual one-on-one session with the counselor, a group session with other patients undergoing the Oxycontin abuse treatment, and sessions where friends and family may be invited to join in. All these sessions aim to address the root problem. This is when the cause of the addiction is addressed. It is also the time when the patients get to open up about their addictions. Friends and family may also get the chance to explain how the addiction has affected them.

The final part of the Oxycontin abuse treatment is meant to help the patient get ready for life back home. It also prepares the patient for a life free of drugs. The program does not stop once someone leaves the rehab, however; 12 step group counseling and follow-ups may be available to help patients adjust to their new life.

There is also an alternative Oxycontin outpatient treatment programs. This is mostly available to patients who have completed the inpatient treatment programs. This program normally allows a person to continue with their daily routines, such as working and attending school. It also entails group meetings which can be very helpful in preventing Oxycontin abuse relapse. This treatment helps people to ease back into their normal routines while offering them a support system.

Recovery after the Oxycontin abuse treatment is sometimes not easy. There may be times when a person is tempted to start using the drug again, or experiences feelings of depression and hopelessness. However, with time, a person will be able to go back to living a normal life.

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