Oxycontin Abuse Stastics

Oxycontin Abuse Statistics

The illegal use and abuse of Oxycontin has been on the rise since its introduction in the 1990s. In 1998 the abuse of this drug was at an all-time high. Statistics show that the youngest abusers of these drugs are as young as 11 years old. The oldest are about 65 years old, although there are people much older who use this drug. Teenagers make up the highest numbers of drug abusers. For this reason, teen drug rehab centers have been set up all over America.

The percentage of students in 8th grade abusing Oxycontin is 1.8%; among 10th graders, the figure goes up to 3.2%. The 12th grade has the highest percentage for abusers. This is currently at 5.5%.

In 2001, a government accountability office in America conducted studies that show that the sale of oxycontin exceeded $1 billion per year. Remember, this figure only illustrates the legal sales. However, there are illegal sales of this drug, which means that the figures may be much higher.

Oxycontin abuse statistics show that by 2004, as many as 3,000,000 people had experimented with Oxycontin in America. In recent years, this number has tripled. This is despite efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of Oxycontin abuse. It has also been reported that by 2008, there were 120 deaths from Oxycontin overdose.

Oxycontin Abuse Statistics

In 2005, there were a reported 38,100,000 prescriptions given for Oxycodone medications. Over 7 million of these prescriptions were specifically for Oxycontin. Although these are the reported legal prescriptions, this shows just how rapidly demand for the drug has grown. People with prescriptions may also be abusing the drug or letting someone else abuse it. Oxycontin is the most abused pain killer since it contains high amounts of oxycodone.

Oxycontin abuse statistics show that from 2002 to 2004, the number of addicts and abusers increased tremendously. Most of these people now fell in the age bracket of late teens and very early twenties.

In 2002, the overall increase in the abuse of the drug was 2.6%; this went up in 2003 to 3.6%, and in 2004, the percentage further rose to 4.7%. Oxycontin abuse is estimated to have been going up an average of 1.7% per year. These figures are talking about the abuse of the drug in the form of pills. They also show rates of use of the drugs ingested in other forms.

The main component of Oxycontin is called Oxycodone. Statistics show that the overall abuse of Oxycodone has been going up each year at very alarming rates. In 2002, it was 8.2%. This went up to 8.9% in 2003. By 2004, the rate had gone up to over 10%.

Oxycontin abuse statistics show that America is not the only country that has been plagued by this problem. In Australia, a study showed that 51% of drug users in the country were hooked on oxycodone drugs, with over 27% using the injection ingestion method for the drug. In Canada, there has been a rise in the number of reported deaths related to the abuse of Oxycotin and other pain killers.

These Oxycontin abuse statistics go to show that this is a serious problem that can’t be ignored. Many people are still at risk of abusing the drug. However, creating awareness and introducing more treatment programs may offer help.

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