Oxycontin Abuse Signs

Oxycontin Abuse Signs

One can easily become dependent on Oxycontin, both mentally and physically, without being aware of it. Many people start using the medicine for pain relief and slowly develop dependence without realizing what is happening. This dependency arises due to the oxycodone component of the medicine. However, there are Oxycontin abuse signs that can alert a user to an impending addiction.

One of the main signs of abuse is tolerance to the drug, leading to its overuse. An abuser will not be able to use the regular dosage prescribed by a doctor. They may need to increase the dosage to get the necessary pain relief. They may also start taking the medication even when they are not in pain at all.

Another common Oxycontin abuse sign is that the abuser will continue using the medication even after their condition has been treated. It’s not uncommon for them to refill their prescription even after they are well again. If the doctor refuses to give them a prescription, they will try to find other means of obtaining the drug, sometimes going to any length to get the medications. If it means driving to the next state, they will do it and this should be noted as another of the Oxycontin abuse signs. They are willing to devote time and effort to aquiring Oxycontin.

Another indication of Oxycontin abuse is secretiveness and dependency. An abuser will try to hide their drug abuse by any means, including lying. They may also become very defensive as a way to try to divert attention from the abuse.

Oxycontin Abuse Signs

An abuser may also show disinterest in things that they used to enjoy doing. They may suddenly lose interest in sports and other hobbies. If they were passionate about work, this also changes. They will not show any interest in anything apart from their drugs.

An abuser may also exhibit a personality change, shifting all their priorities so that things like family and work that used to matter now stop being a priority. There may also be a tendency to start neglecting their responsibilities.

Another sign of Oxycontin abuse is forgetfulness and memory blanks. An abuser may start forgetting even the most basic things. For instance, they may keep misplacing things or even worse, completely forget actions they’ve performed and conversations they’ve had.

Withdrawal and social isolation are also other symptoms of Oxycontin abuse. An abuser may prefer to keep to themselves. For instance, teenagers hooked on the medication may spend hours locked up in their rooms.

An abuser may become abnormally sensitive. They will be very emotionally sensitive and may get upset even by small things that normally wouldn’t bother them. They also develop high sensitivity to sound and sights.

If you notice that anyone in your life is showing Oxycontin abuse signs, it’s important to encourage them to get help (800-303-2482). They may need to go to a rehab to get professional assistance. It is not advisable to try and get them help at home. The treatment for Oxycontin abuse is serious. There are also withdrawal symptoms that will be better dealt with by professionals. In a rehab, the abuser can learn how to be independent from the medication, both mentally and physically.

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