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Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin is a pain reliever that was introduced in 1995. Its main component is oxycodone. This drug is specifically meant to treat moderate and severe pain. However, it can also be used to treat a number of other conditions such as anxiety, constipation and also cough symptoms. Within a few years after its introduction, many cases of Oxycontin abuse began to be reported. According to statistics, most abusers are in their teens.

Most people turn to Oxycontin abuse in search of the rush that it gives them. The drug induces a feeling of euphoria, light-headedness, lifted inhibitions, and stress and pain relief. It brings the user the same effects that heroin produces.

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Oxycontin Abuse welcomes you to our site where the main focus will be on both Oxycontin Use, Abuse and Addiction. The aim of our site is to get the word and facts out about Oxycontin Abuse, as this is an extremely dangerous drug that is very addictive and is being used more and more. Not only used, but abused, hence the name of our site which is Oxycontin Abuse.

We look forward to getting you the information that you are looking for on Oxycontin and Oxycontin Abuse, and hopefully we can help stop someone from abusing Oxycontin and put them on a path to recovery. Thank you and new posts will be coming shortly…

Oxycontin Abuse Side Effects

Oxycontin Abuse Side Effects There are many different Oxycontin side effects. One of the main side effects of abusing this drug is addiction. This can easily arise, especially after long-term use of the drug. The body develops tolerance and dependence on the drug. This makes it difficult for someone to stop using it. With long-term use of Oxycont...

Oxycontin Abuse Treatment

Oxycontin Abuse Treatment Oxycontin can have many adverse side effects. Abuse of this drug has ruined lives and resulted in deaths. However, anyone battling addiction to this medication can get help (800-303-2482). Many rehab facilities offer professional Oxycontin abuse treatment. While many people may try to kick the habit on their own and some may ...